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Welcome to Rustic Pursuits, your source for information on all manner of fishing, hunting, firearms, hiking, camping, and effective gear that will help you to better enjoy your next outdoor adventure.  Whether you want to catch a few bass, shoot with more accuracy, or plan your next camping or backpacking journey – we’re here to help.  Rustic Pursuits offers general information on all aspects of outdoor recreation and gear, so that you find the most enjoyment in the great outdoors.  And we provide detailed product reviews and comparisons, so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to make a purchase.


There is something about feeling a sudden and violent tug on the end of your line that can really blast the excitement level into the stratosphere.  Whether you are casting a spinning rod in the surf, or a fly fishing rod on a high mountain lake, every angler wants to catch a big one.  And kids just plain freak out when they land a big fish.

Just getting an opportunity to cast to that big fish can prove to be challenging, and personal watercraft like fishing kayaks and pontoon boats help make that possible. A good trolling motor can help you cover water and find those massive fish.  Landing those trophy fish are the kind of memories you are looking to make.

Likewise, the tackle necessary for off shore fishing is going to be much different than the gear required to cast tiny flies to rising trout.  Rugged saltwater reels and off shore rods are made to perform under tremendous strain from very powerful saltwater fish, and to stand up to corrosion.  Fly fishing reels and fly rods are also designed specifically for freshwater or saltwater uses.  And if you troll, rod holders for downriggers in the freshwater aren’t made to resit corrosion like stainless steel marine grade rod holders.  When you get all that gear back home its really helpful to have a good fishing rod rack that can hold large saltwater rods as well as spinning rods and baitcasters.

There is a ton of fishing gear to sort through.  With each new fishing adventure there are both big and small gear changes that can give you the edge on your next prize.  You really want to be prepared when the big one does come along, and a sweet waterproof camera can record every second of it.  That is why we dig in to the details, and describe how to set up and use a wide variety of fishing gear.  We want to help you find reliable gear that will perform when you are ready to purchase fishing gear.


Rustic Pursuits - Hunting Gear

Hunters don’t need to spend top dollar on hunting gear to have success.  That is especially good if you like to hunt a variety of game, because most hunts will require special gear.  Small game hunts usually aren’t very gear-heavy.  But as the prey becomes larger, so can the gear and time requirements.

A walk through the fields in pursuit of pheasant will involve little more than blaze orange clothing and the right shotgun.  You’ll find that a successful turkey is a little more gear-heavy.  Dropping a big gobbler will require camouflage clothing, turkey calls, and turkey decoys.  You’ll also need a turkey vest to carry all your gear and keep your calls easily accessible.  Ground blinds can give you the element of surprise, which is vital when hunting cautious turkeys.

Duck hunting has similar requirements.  And since duck hunting almost always involves water you’ll want some camouflage rain gear and a good pair of hunting waders.  Durable duck decoys that last and a good duck call are staples of the sport.  You’ll also need a good number of non-toxic shotshells.

If you like the thrill of a deer hunt then you can avoid wasting many hours scouting and invest in a trail camera instead.  A solid hunting backpack and a safe tree stand can provide a ton of benefit as well.  And for some really memorable footage to show your friends and family, a GoPro camera can capture all the action.

Hunting invasive hogs has become quite popular in recent years and is necessary to control the destruction of farm crops that people rely on for their livelihood.  But catching them out in the open is best accomplished at night.  Of course, seeing your target in the dark isn’t really possible unless you invest in a night vision scope.  Traditionally night vision has been quite costly, but the price of these optics has become more and more affordable.  Night vision scopes are also highly effective tools for coyote hunting.

Large game like Deer, Elk, or Moose can require a fair amount of tracking and have you covering a lot of ground.  Selecting a good pair of hunting boots is almost as important as selection the right caliber firearm for your big game hunt.  Making an error in either case could cost you a trophy, or sabotage your hard-earned time and effort.  Sometimes a lightweight hunting boot is the answer, but for other hunts you may want a a rugged Gore-tex waterproof boot.

Along with all the different species of game animals there is a specialized set of hunting gear that will add to your success and enjoyment.  We dig into all the benefits of the best hunting gear to help you reap the rewards of a successful hunt.


Rustic Pursuits - Firearms GearThe right to keep and bear arms was protected from infringement at the very founding of the United States of America.  The long-held tradition of being competent with firearms and marksmanship has only grown with the passing of time.

Organized shooting sports have exploded in recent years.  Organizations that oversee  IDPA, IPSC, and 3-Gun competitive shooting have introduced thousands of firearms enthusiasts to the excitement of competitive shooting.

Manufacturers produce many after market products that cater to the shooting sports.  Like shotgun magazine extensions, which cut down on the amount of time competitors spend reloading.  But many also have real world applications in self defense and hunting.  After investing hundreds into a competition rifle, protecting your investment with a rifle case is a no-brainer.

Red dot and low magnification variable optics like 1-6 scopes can allow you to acquire your targets quickly, and still make hits hundreds of yards away.  If you want to see your hits, a spotting scope or binoculars will be essential for long range target practice.  A good rangefinder will also provide valuable insight into the exact distance to your target.

A wide selection of rifle stocks and free-float forearms provide a level of customization to suit anyone.  Molded kydex holsters, magazine carriers, slings and chest rigs help you carry all of your firearms and gear in comfort.

We always advocate for firearm safety, and thankfully protective gear is readily available and inexpensive.  Helpful accessories like electronic hearing protection are very affordable today.  But even a basic set of shooting glasses and ear plugs will do the trick and provide good protection.

And for your home, gun safes are always a prudent choice to limit access and to protect your firearms.  Electronic in-wall safes for handguns and long guns can make your safe all but disappear from sight.

We explore all these items and more to help you make informed decisions when you are ready to make a purchase.


Rustic Pursuits - Hiking Gear

From the mountains to the prairies and everything in between, our country is  canvased with incredible scenic views and remote areas that are only accessible if you are willing to hike to them.  And as good as some photographers are, no camera can quite capture the experience of seeing a sight of true magnificence with your own eyes.

Knowing where you are going in the great outdoors is super important.  Hiking and Geocaching are great pastimes and a reliable GPS unit can keep you safe and provide insight into your exact location on the trail.

Thankfully the U.S. also has a huge network of trail systems that provides generous access and enjoyable hiking.  But if you want to cover a lot of ground, its worthwhile to have the right supplies when the need arises.

Short day hikes will usually keep your gear requirements pretty light.  But spending the night in the woods might require a little more focus on comfort.  A good hammock and rain fly set up is almost essential.  And if the temperature is expected to be cool, then you’ll want to get the right sleeping bag to keep you warm and dry.

Hiking is great exercise and challenging hikes will burn an incredible amount of calories.  Good food and cooking gear needs to be prioritized.  Very lightweight hiking stoves and nesting containers to cook and carry water are more than just convenient.  They save space in your pack and conserve energy for the long haul.

Lightweight gear becomes incredibly important if you set out to tackle serious backpacking adventures like the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide,  or the Pacific Crest.  If you are planning on spending the night outdoors you’ll want to consider a backpacking sleeping bag and a lightweight tent to really optimize your pack.  Any long hiking will also mean you’ll also need to carefully consider your shoe selection.

Trail runners are great for shorter hikes on fairly flat trails.  But you might be surprised how long hikes can wear down your feet.  And a lot of jagged and rocky terrain only adds to the exhaustion.  In rough terrain a rugged pair of stiff soled hiking boots is super beneficial to help prevent foot exhaustion.

Gear Recommendations

We review all the outdoor gear you could ever need, and more.  With all the outdoor gear choices out there, this is the gear that we like the most.  We try to narrow down the good from the bad, and the over priced from the cheap and flimsy.

The variety of outdoor gear out there is staggering.  And with all those gear choices come even more accessories.  We cover all the must-have fishing and hunting accessories like sunglasses, nets, lures and tackle boxes.  But we also review everything from waders and boots, to diving gear and spear guns.  We want to save you some cash and point you toward solid gear choices that will perform while you are outdoors.

You’ll notice our gear selections are not all big-ticket, top-shelf items.  That’s because you don’t need to surrender your bank routing numbers to have a great time.  Good gear is good gear, regardless of price.

We aren’t looking to throw a pile of gear at you and leave it up to you to sort it all out.  That wouldn’t seem to be very helpful in helping you decide what will perform best for your needs.  What makes a particular piece of equipment perform well is important to us.

We do our best to dig into the details of what we consider to be the most reliable and best performing outdoor gear out there.  And while we are at it, provide a sense for why other gear didn’t make the cut.