When I was a kid my grand parents owned a farm of 250 acres.  My brother and I learned the value of hard work while raising cattle and crops.  Our spare time was focused on target shooting with our hard-earned BB guns, building forts, and fishing as much as possible.  We learned to appreciate our free time in the fields and the woods of Maine while learning valuable skills.

Those years ingrained in me a deep love for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, cooking over the campfire, and hiking along deep woods streams while looking for the next beaver dam backed-up with native brook trout.  As the years passed the outdoor adventure expanded into longer ranges, bigger rivers, and more distant trails.

My love for the outdoors has not changed, but it has become more detailed.  At the same time it has become much more relaxed and enjoyable.  Now I find myself challenged to pass on that love of the outdoors to my own kids and to others looking for outdoor adventure.

That is why I started RusticPursuits.com– to put together a resource for others to find the outdoor equipment they want.

We hope you find the information we’ve assembled useful. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us here.