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Best Spearguns Reviewed

Best Spearguns - Rustic Pursuits

If you’re passionate about spearfishing or you’re a diver who wants to add another layer of adventure your next trip, you won’t get far without a good speargun. It’s the one key piece of equipment that matters most on spearfishing trips, and it’s worth taking the time to find the right one.

That’s why Rustic Pursuits brings you our take on the best spearguns.

Choosing the right speargun ensures you have one that’s suitable for the application that you want to use it for. It allows you to be safer, and to have more success when you’re fishing.

There are several speargun types and factors to consider when you’re picking the perfect gun for your needs. For example, a less powerful gun is suitable for anyone who’s going to be fishing at shorter ranges, around reefs or in shallow waters. These are also best for beginners. A more experienced spearfisher might want something with more power that allows them to catch things from a longer distance. When you’re choosing your speargun, you will be choosing between band spearguns and pneumatic spearguns, which use large rubber bands and air respectively to create a firing action.

Take a look at some of the best spearguns available, and choose which ones are best suited to your needs.

Best Spearguns

1. Cressi SL Star Pneumatic Speargun

This pneumatic speargun from Cressi offers you precision and power, while also being light and easy to use. The SL range has been in production for years, and it’s a well-recognized brand for spearfishers.

Safety is paramount when using a speargun, and the Cressi SL Star has a safety catch to ensure no accidental firing can take place. The line release automatically releases the shaft line when the trigger is pulled.

You can also adjust the power, choosing either full power or reduced power for closer-range fishing. The speargun has a bright handle for easy visibility, and a high-grip handle for easy holding.

This Cressi speargun is easy to load, with a line attachment eyelet for attaching a lanyard that makes it easier to load the shaft. It’s compact and available in three lengths, so you can choose one that works for you. The speargun offers a choice of SL 55 (21.5″/55 cm in length), SL 70 (27.5″/70 cm in length), and the SL 100 (39″/100 cm in length).

The gun comes with a pump, spear and loader to give you everything that you need to get started, and the 7mm shaft threads fit several different Cressi spear tips.

Cressi Reliable and Precise Pneumatic Spearfishing Speargun | SL Star: made in Italy
41 Reviews
Cressi Reliable and Precise Pneumatic Spearfishing Speargun | SL Star: made in Italy
  • Cressi SL with Power Reducer Spear Guns, Pump, Shaft Loader, Owner's Manual
  • Cressi SL with Power Reducer Spear Guns
  • Worldwide Renowned Design
  • Reliable, Precision, Powerful and Robust
  • Ultra-Light, Easy to Use, and Fire Quickly

2. AB Biller Speargun

If you’re looking for a speargun that just looks smart, AB Biller’s classy wooden models are well known as versatile and tasteful among spearfishing fanatics. It comes in mahogany, teak or padauk options, offering you a sleek speargun that’s also available in a total of seven sizes.

The AB Biller Speargun features a double barb rock point tip made from hardened stainless steel, which gives the user an effective and durable weapon.

AB Biller guns are also easy to customize, allowing you to choose a length that works for you and then make adjustments by changing the shaft or tip, or adding an extra power band. The AB Biller Speargun starts at a length of 24″, with a range of 6 foot, and goes up to 60″, with a range of 15 foot.

Although the speargun has a beautiful professional look, it’s still a good choice for beginners and people looking for an entry-level speargun. It offers a durable and reliable option, which offers great accuracy. Its excellent customizability means it can also stay with you as you learn. You can add a reel to it, upgrade the band size, and benefit from the interchangeable 6mm tip too.

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3. Mares Sten Pneumatic Speargun

The Mini Sten pneumatic speargun from Mares is a lightweight option for anyone looking for a good first pneumatic speargun. Its compact design makes it easy to hold and carry, and the ergonomic grip offers comfort too.

The hardened steel 8mm shaft features a removable dual barbed spear tip, allowing for the user to change the tip to fit their preferences. Small size allows for ultimate maneuverability and accuracy, making it easier to aim and shoot.

With several sizes available, it’s a good starter speargun but it’s also an option for more experienced people who want something compact. You can choose from 41cm, 58cm, 70cm, 84cm or 100cm.

This speargun comes with a shaft with tip, pump, line and leg holster. Although it doesn’t feature a power adjusting system, it still delivers plenty of power and is operational with only 60 pump strokes, taking up to 240.

The patented safety catch will keep the user safe, delivering ease of use without compromising on safety. Spearfishers can benefit from reliability, power and durability if they choose this compact gun, whether it’s a first purchase or something to add to their collection. This gun is compact but powerful.

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4. Cressi Comanche 2 Speargun

For another choice from Cressi, the Comanche 2.0 power band sling speargun is a powerful option that comes in two sizes. Available as either a 60cm or 100cm speargun, the Comanche 2.0 has anti-corrosion aluminum tubes that lend it extra durability and prevents the barrel bending.

The point and handgrip are super light and non-deformable, giving the speargun accuracy and firing precision. You can also lower the positioning of the bands to give the speargun faster and more precise aim, as well as improve visibility and forward thrust.

This speargun has a very gentle shaft release system, a ring for the line, sternal support for reloading, and dovetail triggering for the reel.

The Italian-made speargun offers a versatile option for multipurpose spearfishing. The standard bands have a 16mm diameter and are reactive and quick, but they can be changed for other sizes including 18mm and 20mm bands. This compact and hydrodynamic speargun comes with a spear and also a 6 foot 200-pound mono shooting line.

The Comanche is the 2004 world champion speargun, and Cressi has spent years developing and fine-tuning the model to offer a reliable piece of equipment.

Cressi Comanche Spearfishing Speargun-23.62 inch (60 cm)
126 Reviews
Cressi Comanche Spearfishing Speargun-23.62 inch (60 cm)
  • Comanche is the world champion spear gun, the result of continuous fine-tuning and pursuit of perfection.
  • Very gentle shaft release system, ring for the line, sternal support for reloading, dovetail triggering for the reel.
  • The standard bands are black, highly reactive and quick, with a diameter of 16 mm and articulated wishbone.
  • Special, anti-corrosion aluminum tubes eliminate any bending of the barrel, even on the long models: Ø 28 mm.
  • Special handle angle to increase the shot’s precision.

5. SEAC Sub Asso Pneumatic Speargun

The SEAC Sub Asso Pneumatic Speargun is available to buy in five different sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 55.5cm, 69cm and 79cm. It’s a powerful and lightweight speargun that’s easy to use, and its compact size makes it simple to carry too.

The light alloy muzzle has increased holes to encourage the release of water, while the ergonomic handle has a functional design. The 13mm barrel fits an 8mm spear shaft. Like some similar spearguns, this model allows for the power to be regulated by splitting it in half. It comes with a spear shaft, spear tip, line, shaft loader and pump. There’s also the option of a holster.

The Asso speargun is factory assembled and comes pumped up and ready to use. The pump shouldn’t need to be used unless the speargun has expelled air for any reason. Loading this speargun simply requires it to be braced against your foot or thigh, depending on the length, and the shaft pushed in until the piston is hooked to the click-tooth. This speargun is good value, offering a well-built product at a reasonable price. The shorter models are particularly easy to maneuver in close proximity.

SEAC Asso S/R Pneumatic Speargun
14 Reviews
SEAC Asso S/R Pneumatic Speargun
  • The pneumatic Seac Asso guns are appreciated for their versatility, power and ease of handling.
  • Tank: aluminum alloy cylinder with a 40 mm (1 1/2 in) diameter.
  • Butt: Light alloy muzzle with increased holes to optimize the discharge of water
  • Handle: ergonomic and functional form. Made in one material
  • Comes with: steel spear, injector, harpoon, harpoon loader, line.

6. JBL Sawed Off Magnum Speargun

For another wooden, more traditional looking band speargun option, the JBL Sawed Off Magnum Speargun gives you another choice. With its easy-pull trigger mechanism, it not only looks smart but it’s also simple to use. The speargun comes rigged and ready, and only the spear tip needs to be screwed on before you’re ready to go. You can customize the speargun too, and it allows for a reel to be attached if you wish. The speargun measures 43.5″ long and comes equipped with three power bands. With a reach of around 10 to 11 foot, there’s plenty of power in this speargun.

This speargun has a barrel carved from a single piece of African mahogany. Its ergonomically designed handle, featuring the JBL M8 trigger mechanism, makes the speargun easy to hold. It has a honeycomb pattern on the grip and a 45 degree angle offers comfort. The integrated open muzzle has a shaft rail that guides the spear for accuracy. Suitable for fishing around reefs and shallow waters, this speargun is a good choice for anyone looking for a beginner speargun or could be a good lightweight but reliable speargun for more experienced spearfisher too.

JBL 6W44 Woody Sawed Off Magnum Spear Gun, 43.50'
6 Reviews
JBL 6W44 Woody Sawed Off Magnum Spear Gun, 43.50"
  • Maximum quality control and craftsmanship, ergonomically designed 45 degree polymer handle
  • Legendary three-piece M8 trigger mechanism, laser cut stainless steel trigger
  • Hardened 17-4 spring stainless steel shaft, 39" x 5/16" (991 mm x 8 mm) shafts, corrosion resistant
  • Shaft: hand-tuned for alignment, heat-treated for maximum hardness, reduce-flex and provide optimum energy transfer
  • Dual Nitro 9/16" x 20" slings, latex Sling with spectra cord wishbones, JBL rotating rock point.Integrated full spearshaft track for maximum accuracy

When you’re looking for the perfect speargun, you need to compare some key factors to find one that’s right for you. The main difference in spearguns might be between band spearguns and pneumatic spearguns, but there are other things to consider too. Don’t forget to look at the size of the speargun and what it’s most suitable for before you decide which one to buy. Each of the above spearguns offers an excellent option for beginners, but they are also good choices for spearfishing enthusiasts and divers who have more experience. There are lots of options so anyone can find the speargun that works for them.